We are a young, dynamic team living an agile and modern work culture with short decision paths and a flat hierarchy. Our employees are not only theoretically always up to date, but also can put their up-to-the-minute knowledge into practice. Through our different career paths, training and specialization in a wide variety of fields, we perfectly complement each other as a team. We employ more than ten certified trainees, more MCSE’s and a Microsoft Certified Solution Master on SharePoint. Our employees bring with them the necessary knowledge and experience for the projects of the customer and use them daily in projects and trainings. 

(Deutsch) Budapest 2019June 26, 2019

(Deutsch) Dieses Jahr findet das Team-Event in Budapest statt. Neben Sightseeing, Bootstouren, gemeinsamen Essen, Shopping und vielem mehr, nutzen wir vor allem die Möglichkeit uns auszutauschen, gemeinsame Team Sessions und Challenges - wie z.B. den CoSo Hackathon - zu starten. In der Zeit vom 26. - 30. Juni freuen wir uns auf die gemeinsame Zeit, in der wir viele Eindrücke sammeln und spannende Neuigkeiten aus IT und Business erfahren.

IgniteSeptember 20, 2018

Also this year we visited the Ignite!