Workshops in the Swiss Azure Cloud

Digicomp is one of the first companies to migrate their services to the new Swiss cloud. With Corporate Software and Leex, Digicomp can provide its customers with a cloud-based learning platform that is not only flexible, secure, powerful, and easy to manage. The services are completely silent in MS Azure.

Digicomp is the leading independent training partner for the development of digital skills. That is why Digicomp, in addition to its practical training courses at seven locations in Switzerland, is relying on a learning platform that enables collaborative learning in teams anywhere and via any device. The perfect basis for this is Microsoft Azure for the learning content and Microsoft teams for the collaboration. The learning platform uses OpenEdx and has been made highly available in the Azure cloud. Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that enables individual learners and their coaches to share live chats or video, share files, and assign tasks in a central location.

The challenge was the administration

But with around 90,000 further training participants and a range of more than 1,000 courses, Digicomp needed a smart solution that can be managed with as little manual effort as possible and is directly connected to the CRM system.

This gave rise to the idea of ​​”intelligent teams”, learning groups that can be automated, mutated and deleted, and that link the learning content of OpenEdx directly with the teams.

The solution with “Intelligent Teams”

With Corporate Software and Leex, Digicomp has gained expert partners who have developed a tailor-made, fully-automated, cloud-based solution and created optimal conditions for collaborative and hybrid learning.

Corporate Software is a cloud-based company delivering customer success in three areas: Data + AI, Collaboration, and Business Automation. Corporate software is defined by customer value and thrives on the passion of each team member.

Leex is a learning experience service provider and, most importantly, provides support for learning platforms.

The advantages of the solution at a glance:

  • Participants and coaches are automatically assigned to the learning content of their class.
  • Learning progress is measured automatically.
  • Additional features support learning and collaboration among the individual learning teams.

Off to the Cloud

When it became known that Microsoft is coming to Switzerland with two data centers in the summer of 2019, the successful e-learning model was migrated from Amsterdam to the new Swiss cloud in the pilot phase. Partner Corporate Software, part of Microsoft’s early adopter program and one of the most sought-after Azure experts in Switzerland, has secured the right know-how for successful onboarding.

CEO Peter Kupper is pleased about the pioneering work: “Of course we are proud that Digicomp has been at home in the Swiss cloud right from the start». And Primo Amrein, Cloud Lead of Microsoft Switzerland, is happy: “Highly technical partners such as corporate software and market leaders such as Digicomp make the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland a success.”

With its cloud-based communications platform, Digicomp has created an attractive learning offering that further strengthens its leadership position in the market as an expert in digital skills in in-service training. With the introduction of Intelligent Teams, the administration is fully automated.

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